The Mur Salon was founded in 2018 and was named in honor of owner Dee McQuade’s rescue dog, Murray. As a commitment to Dee’s love of animals and personal stance against animal cruelty and product testing on animals, The Mur Salon offers cruelty free products.

We foster inclusivity, art, and free expression. Transformative services are a specialty at The Mur and the wide range of products and services offered guaranteed to achieve the hair goals of each guest each and every visit. 

The role of the Stylist is to participate in maintaining a positive welcoming environment for all and to deliver the look of each guest with pinpoint accuracy. The stylist will also ensure that each guest is made to feel safe and confident in their new style and how they choose to express themselves.

We firmly believe in the ability for not only our guests to feel safe and confident in their self expression, but also for our stylists through their craft as art.